Quality is when the customer returns and the product does not

  • We have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9100 since July 2002 and DIN EN ISO 9120 since 2013

  • We are listed in the I.A.Q.G (International Aerospace Quality Group) OASIS database

  • We check our products according to the following specifications:

    · Drawings and customer specifications
    · AMS (American Material Specifications)
    · DIN (German Industry Standard)
    · LN (German Aviation Industry Standard)
    · MIL-STD (US Military Standard)
    · SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers Standard)

  • We provide our products with documents such as:

    · Certificates of Conformity according to EN10204 2.1 / 3.1
    · Acceptance test reports
    · Material certificates
    · First Article Inspection (FAI) according to EN9102

  • We develop our own testing equipment for:

    · Pressure tests
    · Leakage tests
    · Electrical tests

  • We perform the following material tests in cooperation with qualified laboratories:

    · Metallurgical inspections
    · Mechanical tests
    · Non-destructive tests (i.e. X-ray, ultrasonic tests, magnetic particle and penetrant inspection)

  • We mark or label products according to your specification.

  • We guarantee the traceability of parts with our quality management system according to the requirements of the aviation industry.

  • We are equipped with high quality measurement tools, 3D measuring machines and hardness testers.